About us

Mmụtacoding is an Online School Academy that provides child-centered coding classes for kids and young adults.

Anyone Can Code...

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Our Belief
We believe that any child can code and the best way to do that is to teach coding in a fun, exciting visual way nurturing their hidden potential.

Our Programs complement the school curriculum to fuel the latent talents of your child and groom them toward future success in line with their natural abilities.

In this evolving world, we arm our kids with the next generation’s skills to succeed in their field of endeavor.

We prepare your kids to be the next technology giants .iinovators, artists, entrepreneurs, and scientists of tomorrow


Our Mission
To get kids and young adults coding and programming solutions to problems in a fun way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mmutacoding is and online coding and robotics school that aims to teach kids between the age of 5-18yrs how to code and design games, websites, AI etc  

Based in Port-Harcourt, Riverstate, Our classes and courses are available to kids nation wide.


  • It helps in building resilience in kids at a young age.
  • Coding is the new literacy.
  • It helps in the development of computational skills.
  • Coding helps the kids in furnishing many skills other than computational such as problem-solving and thinking.
  • coding encourages creativity.

All that is needed to start is,

  • a laptop/computer with an Internet connection. 
  • Zoom app
  • Head phone(optional)


We recommend that kids using the platform know how to read without help. We find this  happens before 6/7 years.

Once you sign up, your child can access our Coding Basic course free for 7 days. At the end of the trial, you can choose one of our instructor-led classes (₦2,500/class) or go with a self-paced plan (starting at ₦10,000/month).

Our Tutor are available to help students in both the instructor-led classes and those on the self-paced track. Tutors are available between 9 am to 8 pm (WAT).