Learn Coding for Kids and Teens.

Teaching kids how to code, create websites, and build 21st-century skills through fun and engaging projects. Ages 6-18.

Everybody in this country should learn how to code...
Because it teaches you how to think

About Mmụtacoding

In a bid to bridge the gap between academic
intelligence and important technological skill among students in school in Nigeria and Africa, Mmụtacoding was born.

Mmụtacoding is an  Online and Offline Coding and Robotics class for kids.

In Igbo, “Mmụta” means “to learn” in reference to that Mmụ, aims to teach kids how to code from the age of 5-18yrs in a , Fun,Visual and hands-on way.

We believe that  ” Anyone can code..”

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Our Services

 In other to reach our goals, we are offering,

Personal Tutoring

One-on-one virtual classes with expert tutors. Starting at ₦35000 for 6-lesson courses. Recommended age: 6 years+

School Coding Classes

For lessons in school computer labs with expert tutors. from Grade 1 to Senior Secondary. Recommended age 6-18 years.

Virtual Classes

Learn from expert tutors. 1-hour classes. Each program session runs for 6-8 classes. From ₦15,000/session. Recommended age: 7 years+

Self - Paced Classes

Learn at your own pace. Pre-recorded lessons, practical projects, tutor support. From ₦15,000/month. Recommended age: 9 years and above.

Introduction to Coding using Scratch

In this course, kids will learn the basics of Scratch and use it to create animations, stories, games, and music!
Scratch Programming
Introduction to Visual Block-Based Programming .
Web and App Development
HTML/CSS Web Development
Virtual Robotics
Introduction to Robotics

Why Mmụtacoding

Fun-based learning

Mmụtacoding specially designed curriculum is organized around fun-driven learning. kids begin to code using block-based visual language.

Gamed-based learning

Kids will learn to build mini-games, solve puzzles, create coding projects, complete daily missions, earn exciting badges, and unlock new avatars.

Seamless and Gradual Advancement to Text Coding

Mmụtacoding introduces kids to coding with simple visual blocks. This helps young creators to learn the basics of programming.

They Share Ideas

Kids will learn how to truly develop their creative imagination and share what's on their minds, teach others skills (like how to draw shapes) make games and even create educational activities.

Supporting Each Other

At Mmụtacoding having a supportive community is an asset to kids learning to code. the ability to see what other young creators are up to,give and receive positive feedback and share their message is important

Get Inspired By Other Kids

Each week we share the profile of a child whose projects we are especially impressed by. Some create projects that are artistically stunning and others write complex code-and all of the creators we feature inspire us with hard work and dedication.

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